Experience an architectural masterpiece, where 1000 years of Danish history lies buried under beautifully decorated vaults and in dark crypts. You can explore the entire Danish Royal history in one place with the tombs of 40 kings and queens. The Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site – just 25 minutes by train from Copenhagen Central Station. 

Every weekday from May to October, we offer short introductions to the Cathedral at 2 PM in English. The intro is included in the entrance fee. We give you a short overview of the history of the Cathedral, the answer to why the red bricks are a World Heritage Site and the most important highlights. For groups: read more here.


Roskilde Cathedral has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. With its many unique royal chapels the Cathedral reflects the changing European architectural history acrosss 800 years and is an early Scandinavian Gothic cathedral built in bricks. A World Heritage site is a monument or place that has important significance in the history of mankind. Today more than 1000 sites are inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO, including the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China and Grand Canyon.

The Cathedral is also part of the European Route of Brick Gothic.

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